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Exciting News - New ranges coming in late 2014.


Our Gladiator doors will be in stock late 2014/early 2015, they will also be available in black..


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- Discount for multiple purchases, please call for details...


- Discounted 2nd doors with big discount due to cosmetic imperfections, great for garage doors - Great Discounts on 2nd's, please call to see them...

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Looking for new Front doors, Back, Garage or Porch doors for your home, which gives you extra peace of mind due to high security features? Then look no further as we can help. Did you know statistics show that 80%of burglaries happen through an external door, it’s therefore not worth taking unnecessary risk with your home or family's safety, when purchasing security front doors. Our doors can also be used as panic room or security room doors for internal use.


When thinking about purchasing new front doors you may be asking yourself a few questions, below are some
frequently asked questions we receive, which you may also be asking yourself.


With burglaries on the increase due to difficulttimes, and 80% of which through an external door opening, why take unnecessaryrisks with your family's safety if you can help it by purchasing one of our steel doors?


Why UPVC or wood when you can have a steel door, steel being a much stronger material for the same  price or less?


"With burglaries on the increase due to recession and 80% of which are through an external door, why take unnecessary risks with your family's safety if you can help it?"


       "Our steel doors have 11 point locking mechanisms, whereas most standard doors have 1 or 2. When a

       burglar applies force to the outside of a standard door the frame simply pops out from the back. This doesn't

       happen with steel due to inherint strength of material, and force is simply spread evenly across 11 points

       surrounding the frame rather than 1 or 2, so security risks are reduced"


        "Why UPVC or wood when you can have steel, a much stronger material for the same price or only slightly



        "Statistics show that a burglar will spend only 2 minutes trying to force open your door before moving on.

        Cheap doors made from UPVC or wood can fail during this time however statistics suggest steel doors are

        7 times more likely to withstand the attack!"

Why us?

  • 48 hour delivery
  • 11 point locking system
  • Steel door &  frame
  • Security front doors supplied from £249.00
  • Quality steel door product with affordable prices 'no hidden extra prices'
  • Steel is far stronger than cheap doors made from UPVC or Wood


Find out more from our friendly Sales Team who can answer any questions you may have, call us on 0191 271 1775.

steel doors Gladiator Range with Triple Glazed Glass Panel & One Way Glass

Why use Steel Doors?

UK statistic’s show that a burglar will spend on average only 2 minutes trying to break open an entrance door, mostly using brute force or small hand tools which can be easy concealed within their clothing. Many wooden or plastic cheap doors can be forced open within this time slot using such methods, however steel doors offer far greater protection due to the inherent strength of material. 


Cheap doors made from wood or plastic / UPVC have little strength, and strong locks fitted to weak doors doesn't solve the underlying problem that the door is fundamentally weak. If a front door for example has a one point locking mechanism, like a mortise latch, when force is applied the only resistance to failure is from a single point to the lock area of the front door. If however multiple locking points engage to various locations within a steel door frame - the resultant force applied by a burglar trying to gain entry into your property is spread equally across multiple locks, thus offering far greater resistance in the process by spreading the load across the front door area. Pressure applied to the outside face of a door will cause pressure to the door frame at the point where the lock is engaged. Cheap doors with weak wooden frames often simply pop out from the back, when such pressure is applied. Steel doors with a steel frame don't have this problem.


Why use us for a Steel Door?

We are a steel door company who has traded successfully for over 6 years, supplying security front doors across the UK. In that time unlike many other companies, we have established ourselves as suppliers of high security front doors, and also internal safe room doors for residential and commercial businesses. Having one point of contact is far easier for our customers seeking a home security door, rather than dealing with middle men which helps reduce cost.


How we reduce costs for our customers?

We reduce cost and pass associated savings onto our customers in the prices we charge. Mass or serial production as it is otherwise known, is the production of large quantities of standardised front doors. Mass production involves making many copies of the same steel door product which suit a variety of uses, for example front doors and back door security can essentially be dealt with using the same product, with a few accessories installed as necessary. Manufacture therefore takes place very quickly using assembly line techniques to send partially complete steel doors to workers who each work on an individual step, rather than having one worker working on the same product from start to finish. Such production methods increase labour productivity, with the time associated with each step being gradually reduced. 

Reasonable Prices

Unlike many other cheap doors currently on the market, our composite residential security doors (including frame pre hung on hinges) are currently on sale at a massive 70% discount on RRP, for a limited time only subject to stock so don't delay, the RRP of these doors is normally over £1,000.00.



Is Quality Guaranteed?

Yes - quality is guaranteed, a 12 month manufacturers guarantee comes with all our security front doors as standard, doors are also compliant with BS 3621 and BS EN 12209.



Fast Delivery - 48 hour delivery

If you need a steel door fast we can ensure 48 hour delivery turnaround from purchasing one of our doors, our courier DHL will deliver your new door within 48 hours, this is peace of mind should you require a new front/back door quickly due to burglary, damage etc. We understand not having a door can make you feel vulnerable, and can cause so much disruption to your home life.


High Gloss Black Trojan Steel Security Door with Chrome Accessories
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